Gal Gadot Dons Her Wonderwoman Costume To Visit And Brighten The Faces Of Brave Kids At Children's Hospital

July 10, 2018 16:57

It's not every day that a superhero comes to visit and no one needs a visit like this more than little kids bravely fighting for their lives.


These little superheroes got to meet a real-life Wonder Woman recently and we bet it was an experience they will never forget.

Jamie Gentille / Instagram

The children at Inova Children's Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia, played host to a surprise guest when Gal Gadot came around all decked out in her Wonder Woman costume.

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Kelly Swink Sahady / Facebook

Several patients and even some of the hospital staff who got to meet the famous actress shared pictures from the experience. 

Kelly Swink Sahady / Facebook

A mom named Kelly and her little baby got to meet Wonder Woman. The excited mother shared happy photos of this encounter.


In the photos, Gadot can be seen holding the baby and smiling at her. This will definitely be pictures the child will cherish in a few years. 

Kelly Swink Sahady / Facebook

Wonder Woman didn't come empty-handed either. She brought many gifts for the children, including coloring books, toys and autographed photos.

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Kelly Swink Sahady / Facebook

The hospital staff was also very happy about the visit. A couple of them shared pictures in their social media pages and thanked the star for dropping by.

Dr. Lucas Collazo / Twitter

Evidently, Gal Gadot took a break from filming nearby to make these children smile. How awesome is that? Check out what people had to say about it:

It was pretty nice of the famous actress to bring some spark to the hospital.

Source: Mashable

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