An Instagram Account Celebrates Some Of Princess Diana's Most Daring Fashion Choices After Her Divorce From Prince Charles

September 13, 2018 14:29

While she held the title of Princess, Diana was all elegance and conservative. However, after her divorce from Prince Charles, the gorgeous lady absolutely let loose and allowed her inner style star to shine. 

Princess Diana's divorce

Following a string of extramarital affairs and public speculations, the Queen of England asked Prince Charles and Princess Diana get a divorce in December 1995. Charles was only too happy to do so as soon as possible. However, it took Diana a couple of months to decide as she negotiated the divorce terms. 

The divorce was eventually finalized on August 28, 1996. Afterward, it was ordered that she would no longer be referred to as 'Royal Highness' but the Queen allowed her to maintain her title of 'Princess of Wales.'

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Her post-divorce style

An Instagram page was set up to celebrate the life of the late princess following her divorce. It's a social media account definitely worth checking out because it showed Diana truly embracing her style and even turning heads with a few of her hottest revenge looks. 

Clearly, people were super excited about this because within a few weeks since the account was set up, it has already garnered thousands of followers. 

Just in case you were not sure that the Instagram account was intended to be a dig at Charles, the bio reads:

Lady Di’s sassiest post-divorce looks. #FyouCC.

The pictures themseves also have some real sassy captions like 'The out for royal blood revenge look' and "The sole custody revenge look."

Judging from these pictures, it was quite obvious that Diana was no longer 'Shy Di' as people once referred to her. Her marriage, divorce and her experience with being one of the faces of the British monarchy surely helped her spread her wings. 

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After the divorce, the Princess of Wales was pictured in mini-dresses, shorts, bikinis and a couple of revealing numbers. 

Designers were quite impressed

After separating from Prince Charles, Diana began to gravitate towards designer labels like Versace and Valentino. Speaking to Herald Sun, Edwina McCann, editor of Australian Vogue talked about how the princess basically evolved through her fashion.

We watched her evolve through her clothes. By the time she was divorced she was a fashion savvy, confident, label queen.

Designer Valentino also had words of praise for the royal's post-divorce style:

It was amazing to see her transformation. Just looking into her sparkling eyes, you could tell how finally she was free, so happy — herself.

Sure, her life was filled with scandals and all sorts of drama. But she also knew how to express herself and today, she's considered a true fashion icon.

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