Men From The British Royal Family Are Often Engaged In Cheating Scandals: Will Prince Harry Be Next?


April 17, 2019 16:35 By Mambee

The sensational rumours about Prince William’s affair could not but shake all the Royal Family fans. Allegedly, he was cheating on Catherine with her close friend Rose Hanbury, who is also their neighbor in Norfolk. The gossip was nailed down by the latest statement by The Sun.

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The reports said Duchess Catherine made her husband exclude her ex-best friend Rose Hanbury from their close circle. The story was quickly picked up by the tabloids and, with a click of the fingers, the scandal appeared out of nothing.

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Those claims about cheating are considered just gossip unless the contrary is proved.

The members of the royal family have to bear a fate similar to that Hollywood celebrities', whose private life is a tidbit for journalists and fans.

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However, history reveals that marital infidelity isn’t in the commoners' destiny only. Prince Phillip was accused of cheating on Queen Elizabeth a number of times. He was linked with actress Pat Kirkwood in 1948. Later, he was rumoured to be closer than friends with Lady Penelope Brabourne, a frequent guest in the palace.

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Sacha, Duchess of Abercorn, another friend of the Duke of Edinburg's, was one more alleged affair. However, she once claimed:

“I did not go to bed with him. He isn’t like that.”

Those speculations were never proved right nor wrong.

The case of the love triangle between Princess Diana, Prince Charles and his mistress, Camila Parker-Bowles, reached notorious fame. Now, the shadow of marriage infidelity lies on Prince William. Will Prince Harry be next?

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem more than happy together, as they can’t keep their eyes off each other, no matter where they go. People keep talking about how much those two are in love.

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Moreover, they got married in their thirties, having been in long-term relationships before. Thus, their choice was more than well-considered and conscious. Do you think Harry or Meghan could ever cheat on the other?

Hopefully, their union won’t be shaken by any ruthless gossip in the future.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed it.

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