This Spanish Woman Looks Exactly Like Donald Trump, And Twitter Just Cant Get Enough Of It


April 27, 2018 12:01 By Mambee

They say every person on this planet has a double somewhere! The female twin of Donald Trump himself took the Internet by storm, and we can’t believe how much this woman reminds me of the US president!

Meet Dolores Leis Antelo, the farmer from Cabana de Bergantiños, Spain. The woman has lived there for 40 years and never met Donald Trump, but now she said many people call her Trump’s cousin. This photo on Twitter has got 5306 retweets and 9435 likes so far!




Living on the detached farm with her husband, she gave an interview to the local journalist Paula Vázquez, who took a picture of Antelo with a hoe.

The photo went viral, people are amazed how much she looks like Donald Trump!!



Antelo didn’t make any efforts to resemble the American political leader. However, some people change their appearance on purpose to be the lookalikes of famous people.

This woman had to undergo 9 plastic surgeries to look like Melania Trump.

Did she achieve success? She definitely does not look like a person she used to be!

Inside Edition / YouTube


Barack Obama has his double too.

Barack Obama Double / Facebook


The British royal family or better to say the copies of them even cooperate to recreate the photos of the Queen, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

Prince William Lookalike - Simon Watkinson / Facebook


The whole bunch of actors looks really similar to the royal family members.

Prince William Lookalike - Simon Watkinson / Facebook


Everyone has a twin! 

Prince William Lookalike - Simon Watkinson / Facebook


As for the US president, he has many followers and has a rich variety of people who impersonate him. One of them is Dennis Alan. It is very unlikely his hair is real.

The Ultimate Donald Trump Lookalike - Dennis Alan / Facebook


However, the woman from rural Spain seemed to win in the Trump’s lookalike category! It would be little weird to meet your own double, wouldn’t it?

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