Royal Honeymoon: 7 Hotspots Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Could Go

May 14, 2018

The countdown for the spectacular royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is on! On May 19, the two will have an official wedding ceremony under the wakeful eye of the entire nation.


Hours after they say "I do," people all over the world will still be intrigued with royal couple's big day, wondering where Harry and Meghan will end up on their honeymoon period.

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No prize for guessing that Prince Harry and his bride-to-be are experienced travelers, exploring the world both separately and together. That's the reason all possible honeymoon options have been discussed in the months after Clarence House announced Harry and Meghan's engagement. We've dug up the possible honeymoon destinations, and here are the top contenders!


It's no secret that currently, Namibia is the most likely hubspot! The unnamed source provided the US magazine Travel + Leisure with information that the royal couple will visit the Hoanib Valley Camp - one of the most densely populated places on earth, located in the north-west of Namibia. 

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It's just one of the countless places that has been the witness of the royal couple's love. It's been reported that Botswana was the place where Prince Harry sourced the diamond on Meghan's engagement ring. It would be nice if Harry and Meghan revisited a place that means a lot to their relationship story.

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Prince Harry was in Brazil during his 2012 solo tour, staying for a few days there. In her now deleted lifestyle blog The Tig, Meghan also wrote about her desire to visit the South American nation. Hopefully, the luxurious eco-lodges in the Brazilian Pantanal and Amazon will offer the unforgettable nature-spotting opportunities for the royal couple!

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Amalfi Coast

Markl has never been shy about her love for Italy, as even the name of her lifestyle blog, The Tig, was inspired by one of the best Italian wines - Tignanello. Meghan has been to various Italian regions, but The Amalfi Coast was at the top of her list. The Amalfi Coast will offer Prince and Meghan unparalleled quiet and peace they're looking for!

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On The Tig, Meghan also wrote about the desire to visit Palawan, which is in the Philippines. Maybe, the royal honeymoon would be the best possible time to tick the tropical wonderland off her list! In Palawan, the royal couple will enjoy sightseeing jungle-covered mountains, hiking, snorkeling, and island-hopping, as Palawan is one of the best scuba-diving travel destinations.

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This place means also a lot to the couple. Last year, Prince brought Meghan along as his date to the wedding of his friend in Jamaica. However, this destination may also be a no-go, as Jamaica was the place where Meghan married her first husband, Trevor Engelson. Maybe Markle is ready to put it behind? Will see.

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This private island, located in the Caribbean, is a haven for all the famous people! Kate Middleton and Prince William and even Princess Margaret have relaxed here to escape from the spotlight.

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Let the sweet royal couple have an incredible time together! While the whole world waits for the honeymoon with bated breath, the last wedding preparations are performed. We can't wait for the first wedding photos of this adorable royal couple!

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