Priscilla Presley Opens Up About Her Relationship With The Late Elvis After Accusations Of Him Having Underage Partners

May 17, 2019

The great rock and roll superstar Elvis Presley's passing brought up a lot of assumptions and speculations concerning his lifestyle and even relationships. Decades later, his life is still food for gossip.

In a book penned by Joel Williamson, the writer accused the King of Pop of having had sexual relationships with underage girls, 14-year-olds to be precise.

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His wife and longtime partner Priscilla Presley came out to shed more light on the kind of relationship she had with the superstar.

The two had met when Priscilla was 14 years old and the superstar was in the army. They were in a relationship until they got married in 1967.

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According to Priscilla, their relationship was a fiery one that was built on a lot of sexual tension.

However, she claimed she was still a virgin at the time of their wedding when she was 21.  She also claimed they consummated their marriage in a "frenzy of passion".

In her book, 'Elvis And Me,' Priscilla explained how she had to satisfy Elvis in various manners without penetration.

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However, the 73-year old has nothing but praise for her ex-husband, despite the array of allegations.

Nevertheless, she confesses she understands why people might see that what they had was wrong. She also admitted that, while they were together, she didn't realize who she was as a woman.

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On the show Loose Women, Priscilla spoke on how she didn't have a typical teenager's life because she didn't live her life for herself, but for Elvis.

She said:

"You lived his life, you didn't have your own life, you saw things he wanted to see, you listened to the music he wanted to listen to, you would go to the places he wanted to go."

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She said their divorce took place not because he had stopped loving Elvis, but because she realized she needed to find herself without him. In her words, she said Elvis would always be "the love of her life."

It seems that no matter what the media says about the late Elvis, he will always have a place in Priscilla's heart! 

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