"She Holds All The Cards": Royal Family Warned About 'Powerful' Meghan Markle And How She Might Influence Prince Harry


May 17, 2019 13:03 By Mambee

Before Meghan Markle became a member of the British Royal Family, the former Suits actress was already used to fame. But as a Duchess, experts believe she has been catapulted into an even higher level of popularity.

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Speaking on Yahoo's 'The Royal Box', royal historian Anna Whitelock said that the Duchess of Sussex could be holding much more power than the Royal Family might realize.

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Whitelock pointed out that the birth of the Duke and Duchess' firstborn, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, only made this clearer as it showed just how much Prince Harry "dotes" on his wife.

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The Royal Family needed to be aware of Meghan's increasing power and supposed influence, if they weren't already, Whitelock said.

Meghan holds all the cards. I think Meghan now is in a more powerful position than she has ever been.

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She mentioned that Harry is clearly smitten with Meghan and this means she has a great deal of influence over him.

Brand expert Eric Schiffer also agreed that Archie's birth improved Meghan's image, considering the several negativities that have trailed her in the past.

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Schiffer told Express that the baby boy might spell a shift for the Duchess from royal outcast to the mother of a well-beloved baby who also happens to be the seventh in line to the throne.

Royal babies have power to bring people together and will douse flames of outrage surrounding the controversial Duchess of Sussex and create a halo of positivity for the Royal Family.

Meghan and Harry have also shown that they were ready to deviate from the traditional monarchy rules. For example, they chose not to give Archie a royal title, which implies that they hoped to let him have as normal a childhood as possible.

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While many can agree that these actions have made the couple more relatable to the public, the fact that they made Meghan a much more powerful and influential royal is still up for debate.

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