Halle Berry Gushes About How Meaningful Giving Birth After 40 Can Be, Despite Risks And Challenges Any Mature Mother Can Face

May 15, 2019

Being a mother after 40 comes with additional challenges and hardships. However, it’s always a rewarding experience. In the modern world, more and more women prefer to take time and live for themselves before welcoming a new person into the world.

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Halle Berry is one of the Hollywood actresses who invested time in her career more than in the family. That is why having kids after 40 came as a real blessing. In March 2008, the then 42-year-old gave birth to her daughter Nahla. Then 5 years later she got pregnant again and welcomed a son, Maceo.

Speaking to US Magazine, Berry gushed about motherhood:

You’re so much more ready to be a parent after 40 than when you’re 20. You know yourself better. You’ve done a lot of things for yourself, selfishly. When you wait later in life, you can really put your kids forward I think in a more meaningful way.

The John Wick star encourages other women to fight their fears and start families even after 40. During her second pregnancy, she revealed:

I thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. I feel fantastic. This has been the biggest surprise of my life to tell you the truth.

Halle Berry is a huge inspiration for women who embrace motherhood at a mature age. However, medical experts suggest that maternity age does matter when it comes to pregnancy and delivery risks, as well as health risks for the baby.

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They differ from person to person, depending on the health quality of the mother. In addition, at the age of 37, fertility declines drastically for women. Other risks may contain giving birth to babies with Down Syndrome. At 20 it’s one in 525 cases; at 40, it's one in 65.

Deciding when to have a baby isn’t that easy. Along with health issues, there are various life circumstances that play a part in a way or another. But it’s never too late to try out the amazing role of mother and embrace every bit of it.

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