"Still Dancing": 110-Year-Old Woman Famous For Dancing At The White House Got Special Birthday Wishes From Michelle Obama


March 14, 2019 15:16 By Mambee

Visiting the White House is in many American's "to-do list". For Virginia McLaurin, it was a very special dream and she got to make it true at the age of 106! She was able to meet the Obamas and even dance with the former first lady!

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McLaurin impressed the former president and his wife so much, that Mrs. Obama made a special gesture to congratulate the woman on her 110 birthday in 2019! She posted a heartwarming picture of all of them together on her social media, captioning it with: “Still dancing at 110 years old—happy birthday, Virginia!

Back then, the senior lady was super excited to meet the first Afro-American president! She mentioned:

I thought I would never live to get in the White House. And I tell you, I am so happy. A black president! A black wife! And I'm here to celebrate black history. Yeah, that's what I'm here for.

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The supercentenarian has been having a saturated life dedicated to charity work. She is a Senior Corps volunteer at Roots Public Charter School, mentoring children with special needs who struggle to develop social skills. She is also a foster grandparent.

Virginia has always wanted to make an impact on society and help those who need it.

For over two decades, she was a full-time volunteer worker at C. Melvin Sharpe Health School. She is a valuable member of her church and community, who are proud to know this woman.

Twitter users joined Michelle in expressing their admiration of McLaurin.

Even now, as she turns 110, her life energy doesn’t to be depleting! The world is truly becoming a better place with people like Virginia McLaurin!

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