Archie Harrison Has Unique Grandmoms! Fans Compare Doria Ragland and Princess Diana In Never Seen Before Photo


May 16, 2019 14:35 By Mambee

The mother is the key figure in everyone’s life, no matter the social status. Her image is following the child through their whole life, remaining a safe harbor during life toils and an eternal light in the darkest days.

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Duchess of Sussex Meghan shares the most sacred bond with her mom, Doria Ragland. The latter was present at the most important life events of the Duchess, including her wedding to Prince Harry and giving birth to her first baby, Archie Harrison.

Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, tragically died in a car accident when he was just 13 years old. Decades later, her sons continue her legacy and don’t let the memory of her fade away.

Fans can’t stop imagining how wonderful a grandmother Diana could be. Thus, the little one would be happy to have 2 grannies by his side.

Pictures of young Doria with baby Meghan, which appeared on the Internet, shed some light on that special time in a family’s life. Meghan’s uncle Joseph Johnson told Daily Mail:

I think she'll be a great grandmother if she helps raise that child anything like Meghan was raised.

She embedded 'love and kindness, and a sense of self' into the Duchess, and showed the significance of 'helping others and having a lot of courage.'

Princess Diana broke the stereotypes and changed the stigma around royal parenting. She always made sure her sons could feel the taste of real life out of the Palace. Prince Harry once said:

Our mother was a total kid through and through. She was one of the naughtiest parents.

Late Diana’s friend Harry Herbert then added:

Through all the difficulty of other stuff at the time, you could see the most important thing in her life were her boys.

Doria Ragland seems like the naughty type of parent as well. According to Joseph Johnson, she was “like a teenager running wild and fancy-free.” Giving birth to Meghan brought her the biggest joy of her life! Now, 37 years later, as she is looking at her grandson, the whole new bunch of emotions must remind her of the day she held baby Meghan in her hands!

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Archie Harrison is lucky to have his loving grandmother Doria. However, his luck would multiply if his other grandmom Diana were still with us.

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