"I Can’t Imagine Life Without My Son." Will Prince Harry Be An Overprotective Dad For His Newborn Baby?

May 15, 2019

Starting from their child’s birth, parents struggle with the difficult task of keeping kids safe from the dangers of the world. As children grow, they become less dependent and recognize the importance of creating their own identity. Sometimes, however, parents can’t accept this reality and may continue to feel overly protective.

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Such parents often want to control every aspect of their children's lives, sometimes hindering their self-realization.

Well, the most important advice for child-upbringing is to follow your heart. For instance, Princess Diana is well-known for her rebellion against the royal traditions of arm’s-length parenting.

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She wanted to be close to her children and tried to take them everywhere instead of leaving them with a nanny. Diana brought little William with her for a tour of Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, she often rescheduled her duties to spend more time with her sons. 

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Diana is also credited with being the first royal who breastfed her children and welcomed them for morning hugs. Diana loved William and Harry with all her heart and had a very special bond with them. They traveled and played together. She introduced her boys to real life. After Di's death, Prince Charles was also there for them and did his best to fill the emotional vacuum the boys were left with. 

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Today, Prince Harry has also become a parent. Looking at him with little Archie in his arms, we see how he radiates happiness and love.

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It's easy to predict that he will be a caring father for his son. During a trip to Oxford, for example, he was cited as saying:

"I just feel part of the family and I can’t imagine life without my son."

Once, he even said that he wanted to bring his children to and from school every day. Just like his mom did, we believe, Harry will always be there for his newborn baby.

Although parenting is extremely difficult, it's important to remember that you can't protect your kids from everything. One day you'll have to let your children go their own way.

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