Kate Middleton's Appearance In Public Plants A Seed Of Doubt Concerning Whether The Duchess Might Have An Eating Disorder

July 3, 2019

Around 70 million people worldwide suffer from eating disorders. Many people affected by anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa do not come forward for diagnosis because of their fears, denial or embarrassment.

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 Approximately 90% of those who suffer from these debilitating mental illnesses are women. Although eating disorders are associated with eating and losing weight, they are actually about control, feelings, and self-expression. Eating disorders occur as a result of women's attempts to cope with life's stresses. 

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A  public appearance by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2019 caused a real stir on the Internet. Although insiders insist that Middleton is very active and eats healthily, many attentive fans find her looks "too skinny and very unhealthy".

Kate, a mother of 3 royal kids, looks extremely slim in the photos taken during her visit to an exhibition at Bletchley Park.

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For the event, the Duchess of Cambridge chose an elegant polka dot dress that highlighted her body transformations. Today, Middleton is considered to be "the thinnest she’s been in years".

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Some publications speculate that Kate Middleton practically stopped eating because of Meghan Markle’s “disruptive demands”. For example, the Star report claims that:

“Kate’s taking the tricky situation really hard, and whenever she gets stressed she stops eating. It’s been her coping mechanism for years, and now it’s the worst it’s ever been.”

The opinions about Middleton's weight differ. For instance, both Rhonda Karlsson, a consultant, and Jackie Jones, an educational administrator, believe that she looks like a normal, beautiful woman. 

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In fact, regardless of whether Kate is too slim or not, it suffices to know that what matters is she's safe and sound. 

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