Who Is The Robot? Are You Attentive Enough To Find It?

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April 15, 2019 11:58 By Mambee

Puzzles can be fun ways of de-stressing and, as usual, we have something interesting for you!

One of the people in this picture is a robot. The question is: Can you find it in 7 seconds?

It sounds like an awfully short time to complete the task, seeing that each person looks quite like ordinary humans in the pictures, but if you pay attention to details, it is very easy.

Do you know that puzzles offer a variety of benefits to the human body?

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How puzzles help with anxiety

Anxiety disorder is fast becoming an epidemic, and that is not so much of a surprise. Most people are shuffling through busy lives, impossible schedules and staring at fast-moving images on screens. In the end, all these seem to make one's stress levels spike.

However, puzzles and riddles are excellent ways of relaxing the brain while remaining mindful.

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As it turns out, each time you complete a puzzle, it is not accompanied by feelings of euphoria only, but there is a release of dopamine. Dopamine has a calming effect as it keeps blood pressure and heart rate low.

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Now, back to the puzzle. Were you able to figure it out? Did you look out for the tell-tale sign that sets the robot apart? 

Try to look for something that seems odd and stands out.

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Is it proving really difficult? Alright, let's help you out.

Do you see a person with an antenna? Yep! That's the robot you have been looking for. No normal human would have an antenna attached to their head. Hence, that's the robot!

See, it wasn't so difficult. If you are worried that you didn't get the answer on time, here are tips to help you improve your riddle-solving skills.

How to solve riddles quickly

1. Remember that the joke is on them: Riddles and puzzles are specifically designed to trick you. Therefore, keep this in mind as you seek the right answer.

2. Question each clue: Ensure that each piece of evidence makes sense on its own before you piece it all together.

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3. Think outside the box: Let your mind wander free as you think of the possible answers. Remember that the first answer that comes to mind might not be right.

Puzzles are not as hard as you think and, with more practice, you will get better. By the way, you may soon discover that puzzles and riddles are as calming as yoga!

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