Little Girl Finds Out How To Rides Her Horse In An Interesting Manner And Wows The Internet

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March 11, 2019 11:10 By Mambee

Apart from the majestic aura usually attributed the horses, research has let us know that horses are obedient creatures.

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Although many people don’t believe that because of the frequent occurrence of horse-related accidents, it has been proven that improvement and development of a positive relationship between horse and human would prevent such situations.

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It creates a long-term bond that makes them display their obedient side. Once the interspecific relationship between a horse and human is right, then everything follows suit. 

3-year-old girl bonds with her 6-year-old mane

It is not uncommon to see kids being afraid of animals, especially horses. Not Sianna, though. At the young age of 3, Siana had already bonded with her family horse in a special way.

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Unfortunately, she couldn’t ride the horse without the help of an adult. Determined to be able to ride Lady with no assistance, Sianna employed some creative tactics.

In a video uploaded by her mum to Youtube, Sianna was standing on a trampoline while Lady was right beside her. This helped her achieve the necessary height she needed to mount the horse.

As her mum’s voice can be heard in the background, Sienna saddled the horse quite properly. Then she kept moving Lady around to find the perfect position for her to climb. Proving horses are smart, Lady recognized her struggle and moved accordingly to wherever she was pulled.

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Finally, Sianna got a hold of it and successfully mounted Lady. She then rode her around the playground, while Lady was careful to ride slowly not to hurt her.

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The power of horses on kids

This video of Siana and Lady is evidence of how much influence horses have on kids. According to the Journal of Public Health, kids involved in horseback riding improved their ability to perform the appropriate action (Go reaction) and self-control (No-go reaction) in several circumstances.

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The effect animals have on humans is beneficial and mutual. Don’t deny your kids all the fun and companionship they can find in animals.

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