“I Am Constantly Worried About Money.” Single Mother Incurs Debt Of $32,770 Due To Ex-Husband’s Refusal To Pay Child Support

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April 16, 2019 14:04 By Mambee

The responsibilities parents face cannot be counted. Every day, a new challenge arises, and they have to battle it.

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Unfortunately, things are harder for single parents who for one reason or another have to face these challenges alone. For single mothers, some of the difficulties they face include:

1. There is no one to share your problems with;

2. You always doubt yourself as there is no one to cheer you on and encourage you;

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3. Money problems! This is the commonest, and this mother from Hull is suffering a similar plight.

Severely in debt

A single mother, who for legal reasons has remained anonymous, has found herself in debt of £25,000 after her ex-partner for no reason suddenly stopped paying child maintenance.

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While speaking to Hull Live, the sad mother explained that by the middle of every month she is forced to rely on borrowing on credit cards, even with her full-time job as an NHS manager.

When they first separated, the dad was made to pay £840 (about $1,101) per month, calculated from his earnings of £125,000 ($163, 884) per annum by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).

The 47-year-old mother of one received her payments for two years and one day, when she asked her ex about payments he said:

”Speak to the CMS.”

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The dad had left his paying job, started a company by himself, and he claimed he received no profit from his new venture.

The mother, on the other hand, claimed he did this to cheat her and her daughter, as the earnings cannot be calculated when he works for himself.  

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After two years of fighting the CMS, the mom was finally able to get £7 ($9.18) per week. Now she gets £28 ($36.70) per week after her ex declared earning of £12,000 ($15,729) per annum.

While she is unhappy about her ex’s alleged lies, the single mother is also angry with the ‘failing system’ which allows such things to happen.

”He might not be earning as much as he did before, but he still lives in the same house, drives a very nice car, rents an office and dresses from head to toe in designer gear. It's demoralizing, humiliating and I’m frustrated at the total unjustness of it all.”

For the CMS, she claims they aren’t pursuing her ex as much as they should, and they keep giving her the wrong information and giving excuses such as unavailability of staff and so on.

She relies on friends to help pay her bills.

How to save money as a single parent

As a single parent, you need to understand that you alone bare the cross of the bills. Hence, you should develop a saving habit that helps keep you out of money problems. Here’s how you can make it work:

1. Work with a budget, always;

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2. Don’t spend unnecessarily;

3. Cut low on child care expenses;

4. Always shop with a list!

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It’s unfair that she has to carry such a financial burden for a child she didn’t give birth to alone. Hopefully, her story serves as a warning to other single parents to save up for rainy days.

We all need each other to survive. Here is a powerful story to prove that.


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