Bride Shows Off Her Minimalist Super Thin Wedding Ring Online And People Mock Her For It

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May 16, 2019 16:01 By Mambee

Nowadays, marriage has become an affair for the world to witness. It's no longer a celebration of love, but a test of their love through material things.

It's why people place a lot of emphasis on the size of the ring when a proposal is made. However, when this bride decided to go the other way, she was shamed for it.

An anonymous bride took to Facebook to show off her minimalist wedding band, but she got shamed for it. The ring was super thin and featured a small diamond embedded in it.

© Young Kim / Esty

Posting an image of the ring, she said she and her boyfriend ordered the ring together and that she loved it, but people didn't feel that way.

The post racked up several negative comments, with many users throwing jabs at her ring. Some even went as far as comparing it to a key chain! Some of the mean comments included:

"Why even bother having a diamond there."

"So take that keyring off your finger and show us the ring you ordered online."

"You've got a smidge of tinfoil on your band."

"I guess neither of you want anyone to know you're engaged huh."

"All I can think is paper clip."

Others were quick to come to her rescue, saying that the size of the ring doesn't matter in love.

"I think it is delicate and beautiful. It doesn't matter how big the gemstone is, or the amount of gold in the band. What matters is the love it represents."

"Some people like dainty jewelry. And who cares how the size. You can have a huge rock and a husband who cheats on you daily, and you can have a small one and a husband who treasures everything about you."

The ring is called a Minimalist wedding band and is sold in Esty by seller JSV Concepts. It has yellow gold, rose gold or white gold colors and can have between 1 to 6 stones.

The size of the ring is not a determinant of the love between two people. Hopefully, the world evolves and starts valuing what's beyond the superficial kind of love!

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