Was She Wrong? This Woman Broke Out In Anger At Family's Mother Day Brunch Because She Wasn't Recognised As A Cat Mom

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May 16, 2019 12:09 By Mambee

Yes, motherhood is a beautiful thing, but not every woman will get to experience it. Research has shown that one in five British women born in the '60s will not have children.

Usually, the pain and grief these women feel aren't recognized, but in recent times, organizations have risen to acknowledge their struggle.

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Still, most people don't know the proper way to deal with someone who doesn't or can't have children, even in family gatherings.

A 32-year old man went on Reddit seeking advice on dealing with his sister, who can't have kids.

According to his post, his family was having a Mother's Day brunch. He was present and so was his 38-year-old elder sister, Carly, who doesn't have children and his 26-year-old sister, Melinda, who has children just like him.

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He explained how his elder sister was left by her fiancé 10 years ago, after he caught her cheating, and she hasn't been in any meaningful relationship since then.

She, however, took on four indoor cats and fed stray cats in her neighborhood.

During the brunch, their mother gave a speech appreciating both his sister and his wife for:

"being excellent mothers to her beautiful grandchildren."

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At this point, his sister flared up, feeling totally insulted and accusing her family of not being sensitive to her condition.

She claimed to also be a mother, just not to human babies. It must have been a dramatic brunch, as he explained how she used a lot of dirty words.

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She didn't stop there, but stormed out and called her family out on social media. The 32-year old man said his family has been getting a lot of calls from people wanting to know what happened.

His post got a lot of replies explaining his sister's situation and asking him and his family to be more considerate.



How sad. What do you think is the right way to deal with such issues?

Not every woman will become a mother. However, that should not reduce their value or worth in any manner.

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