Sculptor Assures Children That Momo, The Ghoulish Puppet Causing Mass Panic On Social Media Videos, No Longer Exists

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March 11, 2019 11:19 By Mambee

Horror movies are already scary enough on the big screen, but if they cross over from fiction to real life, then that will surely cause pandemonium.

This is why the recent appearance of a scary puppet in children’s videos is causing mass panic.

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What or who is Momo?

Perhaps you have heard of the ‘Momo Challenge’ and wondered what it is about.

Recently, concern has arisen over a strange-looking figure that suddenly appears on children’s videos on YouTube and, sometimes, on WhatsApp.

When it appears, the figure named ‘Momo’ is said to suggest terrible things to viewers, in what has become the ‘Momo Challenge.’ In other cases, it is said that fear of the figure has driven many to suicide.

The validity of Momo’s influence on youngsters is not certain, as most of the reports about its effects have been second- or even third-hand accounts.

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However, the appearance of this ghostly figure is widespread, as there have been reports in South America, parts of Asia and even Kim Kardashian West has warned parents to be mindful of what their children watch.

Since its first appearance sometime last year, parents and teachers have called on authorities to put an end to it.

Momo is finally dead

In a sit-down with Keisuke Aiso, the 43-year-old creator of Momo, originally named Mother Bird by the creator, The Sun gathered that the sculpture had been destroyed.

He said:

“The children can be reassured Momo is dead - she doesn’t exist, and the curse is gone.”

The Japanese artist explained that he had been appalled to learn that online weirdoes had stolen his work and used it for perverted purposes.

The sculpture had been created in 2016 for an alternative art exhibition in Tokyo.

Though pictures were not to be taken at the gallery, Mother Bird had been displayed at the entrance and guests were allowed to take photos of it.

However, shortly before the ‘suicide games’ began, Aiso chucked the sculpture because it was already falling apart.

He added that he and his artist-colleagues had been getting death threats since the disturbing challenge began, but noted that he never meant to hurt anyone.


While many have condemned the sick games, the fact that the originator of the figure has destroyed it has gone a long way to soothe people.

A few of the comments on Facebook are:

Once more we are reminded to be careful about what our kids watch. Children should never be online without supervision. Lots of sick people are out there, guys!

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