Did The Sussexes Break Their Number One Rule Of Privacy? Fans Bash New Parents For Being Inconsistent After They Shared Photos Of Archie On Instagram

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May 14, 2019 14:11 By Mambee

The recently concluded Mother's Day couldn't pass by without Meghan Markle celebrating herself. Meghan shared her debut participation in the Mother's Day clamor via their official Instagram account.

The new mother shared an image of her holding baby Archie's legs combined with a caption that seemed like a tribute to the late Princess Diana.

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A part of the caption was an excerpt from the poem "Lands" by Nayyirah Waheed, an African-American poet.

Unsurprisingly, Meghan is being dragged by Twitter users for this 'public' post. To make matters worse, Prince Harry was not exempted from this controversy.

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Twitter users come for the Sussex couple

A royal reporter, Richard Palmer, shared the Instagram post that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex uploaded via his Twitter account.

However, as captivating as the post is, the comment section didn't feel that way.

Twitter users unapologetically bashed the royal couple for not sticking to their word about going completely private, especially regarding baby Archie.

Some of the comments included:

A reminder to Meghan & Prince Harry

It is evident that people are not in support of the Sussex couple's instability when it comes to decision-making. Perhaps the Duke and his Duchess have forgotten, but the internet never forgets.

We recall when they went against a 40-year-old tradition by ensuring that their lives became unusually private after the birth of Archie.

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Also, we can't forget the rumors about relocating, too. During an interview with Express, Royal Commentator Victoria Arbiter said:

"I think Harry and Meghan are very keen to maintain maximum privacy for their child moving forward."

It seems like the couple might bend their rule and we will see more of baby Archie soon!  Nevertheless, we wish the new parents all the best!

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