Is It A Well-Deserved Revenge? Decorator Causes Major Chaos On A Couple's Wedding Day Due To The Bride And Groom's Unpaid Bills

May 15, 2019

Weddings are expensive and the more extravagant you want your big day to be, the more money you'll have to spend. But smart couples always keep their plans within their budgets because they know that things can quickly go wrong when you spend more money than you have.

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One couple in Nigeria got a big shock on their wedding day when those in charge of the decorations came in and insisted they must get paid for their services.

In the video, which was shared on Instagram, it was reported that the decorators had agreed with the groom that he would pay the balance of his bill before his wedding day.

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When the groom didn't hold up his end of the deal, the decorators decided they weren't going to simply ignore the issue. They marched right to the wedding venue and stirred up major drama.

In the video, some men in suits believed to be the groom and his groomsmen were fighting off a young man. The man, who many assumed must be the decorator brought out a stick, which he apparently intended to use to fight the group.

The whole thing devolved into such chaos that guests had to try calming down the feuding parties.

While some people found the whole incident hilarious, others felt that the decorators went too far. One commenter, amaka_paloma, pointed out that the offended party should have at least waited until after the wedding to demand their money.

This is not fair. The decorators are mean. This is very embarrassing. They could av at least waited until after the wedding. Two wrongs cannot make a right. At least for the sake of the special occasion, they shouldn't have shattered such event. 

There were those who felt the couple was at fault too. They suspected that the bride and groom tried to have a wedding that was beyond their financial means and they deserved what they got. @thickabooty said:

Is it not better to do a small wedding instead of going into debt?

One can understand the anger on the part of the decorator, who didn't get paid on time. But ruining a couple's special day in front of their friends and family may be a bit too much. What do you think?

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