Husband Didn't Talk To His Wife For 20 Years While Living Together As A Family, Then He Finally Breaks The Silence

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May 17, 2019 17:56 By Mambee

Married life is not rainbows and sunshine all the time. It also brings misunderstandings, rows, and compromises while the couple is adjusting to each other all the time.

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But a husband from Japan crossed the line when he didn’t speak to his wife for 20 years. Reports say that Yumi and Otou Katayama are the parents of three children. However, shortly after their kids were born, Otou stopped talking to his wife. No matter what she did, he remained silent and would not open up about the reason for his grudge. Still, they kept living together under the same roof.

He talked normally to his daughters and son. His wife tried to talk to him all the time but received nothing but a nod in return.

When the children grew up, they felt the situation at home wasn’t okay. So they contacted a local TV channel to ask for help to reconcile their parents.

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The meeting was set in a park, the place they had their first date decades before. Only then, Otou broke the silence and confessed why he didn’t say a word to her through all these years.

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It turned out he felt jealous when Yumi gave plenty of time and attention to their babies. The man felt so offended and upset, that he found his own way to punish the wife.

Their three children never heard their parents have a normal conversation, but they hoped things would change for the better.

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It may be hard to let go of bitter feelings that are eating you inside, but life is too short to let them ruin your family.

Whatever stands in a way to make peace with a beloved person, it’s better to make amends before it’s too late.

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