Internet Users Continue Venting Their Outrage At A Cynical Man Cheating On His Cancer-Stricken Wife And Their 5 Children

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May 16, 2019 12:03 By Mambee

Not only does cancer affect a person's physical health, but it also influences a patient's inner world. A cancer diagnosis has an impact on patients, their families and caregivers as well. Feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear are very common for those who encounter this disease. It's not a surprise that most cancer-ridden people need support and extra care. This rough time in their lives can make some relationships get stronger while it weakens others.

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The situation that one woman, who goes under the sobriquet MissScarlett123 on Reddit, shared on her social media has set the Internet on fire. The cancer-ridden woman has been sick for 8 years and lives with her husband and their 5 children. The marriage, however, has been crumbled for many years.

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The couple sleeps in different bedrooms and rarely have a candid conversation. The woman's husband, who has a mistress, asked his wife to tell their kids they soon would have a half-sibling. Moreover, the man doesn't plan to leave the family or marry his pregnant girlfriend. Looking for a piece of advice and support, the woman asked people to share their opinions. /

Although this all happened more than 2 weeks ago, people can't stop commenting on it. They split into those who slam the man and those who understand his situation. Internet users actively share their personal stories, proving that cheating on the woman with cancer was treacherous and cruel. 

One user said:

...As an adult I’ve talked to my dad about how he felt in a marriage like that - why he never cheated. He told me that his wedding vows didn’t include a line ‘for better or worse, unless you get cancer, then I’m free to do what I want.’

Many people have upbraided the husband's behavior:



Most users recommend the woman not to tell her kids because that would teach them that infidelity is acceptable.


Instead, they propose an alternative answer:

"This is a serious betrayal, and I am allowed to be pissed off. I hoped to remain solely unto you in sickness and in health as our vows proclaimed, but clearly that is not the case with you. You made this mess, now you get to fix it. I do not want to teach our children infidelity is acceptable regardless of the reasons, so if it ruins your relationship with them, then so be it. I will not justify your actions."

Although cancer treatment can bring doubts as to whether the marriage can actually survive, people should remember the vows they once made. Losing hope is quite easy, but love can overcome everything on its way. Be patient and remember that it's not your partner you are fighting against - it's your partner's cancer!  

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