Model Refuses To Shave Her Head In Support Of Her Boyfriend's Cancer-Ridden Sister

May 13, 2019

If you like to grumble about depression, bad moods or a running nose, then you've probably never thought about the feelings of a cancer patient. Not only does the disease affect a person's physical health but it also brings a bewildering array of overwhelming feelings.

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During this time, people with cancer often need support and encouragement. Researchers insist that patients with strong emotional support have a more positive outlook and better cope with the dramatic changes cancer brings into their lives.

Family members and friends of cancer survivors, however, often don't know what to do and how to show they care. Actually, there are multiple ways to support a cancer fighter. Indeed, spending time together, asking questions, making short but regular calls can make a big difference in the life of a person with cancer.


Some people, however, choose more virile measures and shave their heads to show their sympathy and solidarity. Yet, it's essential to understand that not all who surround the patient should take such measures.

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The situation that happened to a 23-year old model caused a great deal of bickering on the Internet. The girl's boyfriend asked her to shave her head, along with all the family, to support his cancer-ridden sister.

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But the model retorted that this action could ruin her career and she would not be able to do modeling without hair. The refusal, in fact, destroyed her relationship with the whole family and her boyfriend as well. They called her a conceited person, whose professional interests take precedence over family.

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The model could no longer put up with the offenses showered at her and went to her Reddit profile to share the situation. Most users lambasted the family's behaviour, while others showed their compassion. One said:


In fact, many others agreed, adding:




Judging by the highest standards, the problem is really ticklish and controversial. While the family obviously feels helpless, we should judge neither the girl nor the boy and his family. 

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