3-Year-Old Girl Waits For Her Elder Brother To Come Off The School Bus Every Afternoon. Their Greeting Is Simply Heartwarming.

October 8, 2018 10:54

Family love is one of the best things ever. Knowing there's someone who is always there for you can get you through anything. Unfortunately, this seems to fade away as the years go by. Families turn on each other and hearts get broken.

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This is why it is important to teach kids from a young age to always value family, and that is what proud mother Verlonda Jackson showed us as she shared a video of her kids all loved up.

Verlonda, like many other mothers, always felt heartbroken whenever she saw her children fighting. She considered herself very tolerant as she didn't deny them of many things, as long as they did not abuse it.

So naturally, it hurt her whenever they were against each other, quarrelling over minute things, such as who gets the iPad or who used the better plate.

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She even started to doubt her good skills as a mother, but soon, everything changed.

Her son, who is 5 years old, had just started kindergarten, and his behaviour toward his 3-year-old sister changed immediately. By the time he was done with school every day, she would be waiting for him by the bus stop.

Once she set her eyes on him, she would instantly run into his arms and they would give each other a tight embrace. Verlonda was so happy her two favourite persons were getting along and, most importantly, they showed true love.

Verlonda shared her joy and  added a soulful caption to her post, where explained how the kids ,who once couldn't stop fighting, have grown up to love each other unconditionally. A part which pierced many hearts was when she stated,

'But at 4:04 pm when my son gets off the bus from kindergarten, this happens... They greet each other with hugs and kisses and walk home arm and arm saying things like 'You're my favourite person'

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The clip, which has since been viewed thousands of times, has received several warm and beautiful comments. It is evident that they are each other’s favourite person in the world. Thanks to Verlonda for raising such wonderful kids.