Sweet Miracle: Mother-In-Law Become Surrogate For Her Own Grandson

July 23, 2019

This grandma was only too thrilled to step up to help bring her grandchild into the world and her son is very grateful to her for the wonderful act.

Hard journey to motherhood

Kayla Jones desperately wanted to start a family with her husband, Cody. However, due to a partial hysterectomy that she underwent when she was 17, conceiving a child became challenging.

When the couple were considering their options, they had no idea that, at the end of the day, it was Cody's mother, Patty Resecker, who would perform the selfless act of carrying their child.

Kayla and Cody got married in 2012 and when they decided to go the surrogate route, they faced some challenges trying to find the right person to help them start a family.

Patty had earlier offered to help make their dreams come true but they did take her seriously at first.

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However, when other options did not work out, they began to consider it.

After doing some research, Kayla decided to take her mother-in-law up on her offer. At first, she worried about what people would think but upon looking into it, she read about loads of grandmas who became surrogates.

They began the IVF process in October 2016 but it was not until March 2017 that they became successful and learned that they were pregnant.

Sweet baby

Kross Allen Jones was born on December 30, 2017, and he was a healthy little one. Patty said even though pregnancy and childbirth at the age of 50 was not the easiest experience, it was totally worth it.

She was incredibly proud and honored to be able to do something this incredible for her son and his wife. Seeing the family happy together was the best reward she could ever hope for.

Making their child's dreams come true this way is one of the most generous things a parent can do and we bet Kayla and Cody will be forever grateful.

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