Woman Accused Of Racism After She Blackened Up Her Face To Look Like Her Favorite Pop Star For An 80s Tribute Party

May 13, 2019 17:00

Racism has always been a major problem in a multi-racial society. It was a burning issue in the past, but even now it’s as frequent as the flue. However, is every accusation of racism fair?

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A woman, dedicated to her music idol from the 80s, had to pay for mimicking his image. There would probably not have been a problem, if not for the skin color difference. The confusing ordeal happened in Glasgow at the 80s Mania event.

The 47-year-old mother of three, Catherine McBride, dressed like Prince, one of the most iconic pop stars of the 80s, who became famous worldwide for the hit Purple Rain. Besides wearing a purple velvet suit, McBride used the dark foundation to black up her face. Eventually, her whole look triggered outrage among other visitors.

McBride said she never meant to offend anyone, adding that:

I’m certainly not a racist.

The woman had a fun night out with her friends, and other people even laughed at them and said how cool their outfits were. When she entered the party, the staff didn't comment on her blackface but mentioned how great her outfit looked. In the middle of the show, a staff member said they had received 6 complaints regarding her dark make-up.

I was told I had to remove it or leave, so I had to rub it off with kitchen roll because there was nothing else. Hundreds of people were at the event and only six complained.

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The woman felt the whole situation was ridiculous and exaggerated. It ruined her evening. Internet users agree that the world is too sensitive and people find racism in everything, even if there is no hint of it.

What does blackface really mean?

It’s the theatrical makeup that was used in the 19th century by white actors who played Afro-Americans. Such shows were extremely popular, but they spread the racial stereotypes. By the end of the 20-s century, this form of art has been disapproved by the general public.

Thus, it is considered offensive and disrespectful, representing Afro-American people as targets for mockery.

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Racial issues still happen in the places with multi-national population, but there are tips on how to avoid the tension:

  • Think before you do something or speak. Be careful with your actions or words towards other nationalities and races;
  • Do not laugh or support racial jokes or actions;
  • Be aware of stereotypes based on race, they usually hurt people;
  • Explore other cultures with respect;
  • Be a role model for others, especially for children who learn a lot from you.

The world is beautiful with its diversity. Those who embrace the differences with the utmost respect become a great inspiration for others by showing that people with different backgrounds can coexist in peace.

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