What A Surprise! Woman Delivers A Baby Girl After 40 Hours In Labor, But There Was Another One To Arrive

July 25, 2019 21:19

All people love surprises, and sometimes they can be truly life-changing, especially when it comes to the pregnancy.

George Rudy /

Biggest surprise

Nicole and Matthew Ziesemer thought that everything was well-planned, and that they control everything. Nevertheless, life brought them the biggest surprise they could ever imagine. Their story is indeed unbelievable!

The couple wanted everything to be natural, and were getting ready to hire a midwife and to have a minimal or no medical intrusion.

Nicole was planning to deliver baby at home, in the peaceful atmosphere. But life decided everything to be different, and woman’s contractions began earlier than the couple and the midwife expected.

So, Nicole and Matthew Ziesemer rushed to the hospital. The woman had long labor, and after around 40 hours of contractions she asked for the epidural. Shortly, a healthy baby girl came to the world.

As Nichole had chosen a natural approach to pregnancy, she hadn't had any ultrasounds. The woman tracked her pregnancy only through approximation.

After welcoming a baby girl, doctors said there was another baby inside.

For all 36 weeks, Nicole had no clue she had been carrying twins.

What a wonderful surprise!

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