Bittersweet Moment: Mother Stricken With Cancer Spends A Day Out Of The Hospital Walking Her Beloved Daughter Down The Aisle

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March 11, 2019 12:25 By Mambee

Nothing can be compared to a mother-daughter bond, and this truth was evident in Jessie and Leona’s relationship.

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Jessie's mum, Leona, was diagnosed with a rare case of multiple myeloma in January 2016, ten months before her daughter got engaged to the love of her life.

While speaking to Daily Mail, Jessie recalled that her mother was still strong during her engagement, so she and her partner didn’t contemplate ditching their one-year long engagement resolve. They believed super strong Leona would be present on their wedding day.

Months before their wedding, set for November 2017, Leona’s health began deteriorating rapidly, and the couple considered shifting their wedding date forward, but Leona declined.

She wanted the wedding to be all about them and their plans. They kept the original wedding date, November 4, 2017, which coincided with Leona’s last day out of the hospital.

Despite being so sick, Leona continued fighting to be there for her daughter on her special day. She had to be specially transported to the wedding location in New Wales, Southern Highlands, from Sydney and returned that same day.

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On getting there, Leona was so weak that she fell and incurred some bruises on her neck, but that wasn’t enough to stop her.

The fighter mum walked her daughter down the aisle proudly, with the assistance of Jessie’s brother-in-law, Anthony Watmough. Leona also prepared a touching speech for Jessie which she keeps by her bedside and reads always. It read:

"I may not be there to hold your hand each day, but I'll always be there in your heart.”

Leona’s words were true. Although she passed on from her battle on December 4, 2017, she was always with Jessie.

Jessie got pregnant sometime in July 2018 and feels her mother helping her through the pregnancy period. Jessie revealed that her mum had taught her all she needed to know before, and even went as far as giving her a gift box and knitted beanies for the baby.

Jessie was glad her mother was able to be present on her wedding day. It was the highlight of the ceremony. Although Leona is gone now, her selfless act towards her daughter will forever be remembered.

Family is the biggest treasure of all! That is why it is so important to appreciate each other. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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