Mother Assumed Her Son Was Stung By A Wasp Until His Body Turned Blue And She Realized It Was Something Worse

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March 13, 2019 17:59 By Mambee

Nothing compares to the satisfaction that comes with being outdoors and enjoying nature; however, all that fun comes with certain risks.

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Elisabeth Norgarden / Facebook

Elisabeth Nordgarden and her son Kristoffer were enjoying a day outside while they were visiting her grandparents, but things turned sour when little Kristoffer ran to his mother, crying.

Initially, Elisabeth assumed her boy had been stung by a wasp and brushed it off, but things soon became dramatic.

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About 15 minutes later, Kristoffer’s leg began to swell and turn blue. The ambulance and helicopter soon arrived, and it was revealed that he was bitten by a viper snake.

He received an antidote at the hospital and began showing signs of recovery, but suddenly became worse.

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Apparently, Kristoffer was bleeding internally from his intestines. Eventually, he lost 11 pounds.

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Fortunately, Kristoffer recovered from the bite after one and a half weeks in the hospital, and the difficult experience hasn’t tainted his love for outdoors. His mum revealed that he began playing the very same day he returned home.

As Elisabeth has learned her lesson, she won't put her child or herself at risk anymore. She said:

“I have much more respect for vipers now, and I will ensure that my kids wear boots when they go out in areas with high grass in the future.”

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According to the World Health Organization, children suffer more severe effects from snake bites than adults do because of their small body mass.

We are glad that Kristoffer survived such a harrowing experience. This is a reminder that parents must be mindful of their children when outdoors and should supervise the areas where they play.

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