You Go, Dad: Father Finds Disturbing Conversation Of Online Predator Asking His Daughter For Topless Pictures And Gives An Epic Response

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April 15, 2019 18:13 By Mambee

The internet is a terrifying place. Although it is highly educative and beneficial, there are countless unseen evils floating away all over the cyberspace.

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Parents need to understand the need to check on their children’s activities on their various electronic devices. Your timely interventions with your children’s activities might just be what will save their lives.

Brad Summer had innocently let his 7-year old daughter, Madi, use his phone to access a social app called, an app that allows you to send and receive short recordings of your lipsyncing to the music of your choice.

It all seemed perfectly safe until it wasn’t. Madi, from Illinois, uses the app to make ‘silly’ recordings with her cousins. Her dad, in a bid to ensure her safety, made sure she only used the app to entertain family and friends.

Sadly, someone was lurking in Madi’s contact list unknown to her and her father.

An evil predator slipped into Madi’s contact list under than fake name ‘Jessy.’ The person pretended to be a 9-year old girl.

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Madi and ‘Jessy’ got talking, and quickly, Jessy asked Madi to share photographs of herself. Madi innocently responded and sent a photo of herself smiling beautifully.

However, ‘Jessy’ was not content and asked Madi to share pictures of her without a T-shirt on. Madi refused, but ‘Jessy’ would not relent. The predator even went as far as telling Madi to keep their conversations secret from her family.

Madi stopped responding and thankfully her dad, Brad, saw the conversation and had the best reply for the predator. He wrote:

”I am her father and a police officer, we have recorded your Ip address and location, i recommend you refrain from any other contact.”

Well, Brad’s smart response worked as they never heard from ‘Jessy’ again. He posted screenshots of the conversation on Facebook, warning other parents to be very cautious with their children and social media.

While speaking to Scary Mommy, Brad revealed that he actually isn’t a police officer, but he had to say that to scare the person away. He explained that he has submitted the person’s details to the police and a subpoena to the app in question.

As a parent, you can never be too safe. Please ensure you monitor your children activities on social media.

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