Caught By Hurricane, Woman Gives Birth In A Trailer-Turned-Hospital And Her Baby Gets A Beautiful Name

September 28, 2018

Where were you born? Your answer would likely be the hospital or a midwife home. Well, for little baby Storm, those answers do not apply as circumstances led her mother, Keyana McIntyre, to give birth in a tractor trailer.

It was not Keyana’s original intention to give birth in the makeshift clinic. Wilmington, North Carolina hospital was the venue she had initially chosen.

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However, on that fateful day when she went into labor, most roads leading to the hospital were impassable. Hurricane Florence was the cause of the bad state of the roads and, as the labor intensified, she had to find an alternative.

According to Keyana, she then went to a hospital in Pender County, located near her house, but it was locked. She was, however, directed to go to the Family Dollar parking lot.

When she got there, it was discovered that Carolinas MED-1 had turned the parking lot into a mobile hospital. This included space for attending to up to 14 patients in critical condition, and two improvised operating rooms.

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Dr. Andrew Godfrey immediately examined Keyana and realized that there was no way they could transport her in time. He noticed that she was completely dilated. The decision was reached that they had to deliver the baby right there.

Dr. Andrew had never really been through the entire process of labor before and made this known. His concern for her health and that of the baby caused him to ask that highway patrol send a chopper to get a local obgyn.

However, according to him, it was only about 4 minutes after getting a text that the doctor was en route that Keyana finally gave birth.

Despite all the circumstances, she gave birth to a 6 pound, 9-ounce healthy baby girl.

Then came the epic part. Although she and her boyfriend had previously decided to name their daughter, ‘Avah Jade,’ the situation at hand called for a slight change. They gave her a wonderful, befitting middle name: Storm.

She was birthed in the aftermath of a storm and came out healthy. No one else could be more deserving of that middle name.

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