New Mother Was Shocked To Realize Her Child Was Given To The Wrong Woman For Breastfeeding

October 5, 2018 00:03

Childbirth is a period of joy, one of a mother's proudest and happiest moment. That moment when a woman finally set eyes on her beautiful little child cannot be compared to any, but this happy moment was cut short for Joii as she received terrifying news.

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New mother, Joii Brown, and her husband had just made it home after the birth of their son. They were thrilled that their boy was finally home, but also filled with apprehension because there had been a mistake at the hospital before they left.

Their little boy was breastfed by another person mistakenly, and worse off, they were short on details on who the person was.

While recounting the event to News agencies, Joii said that her son was taken out of the room for surgery. He was to have a routine circumcision surgery, but she became worried when it was taking too long for him to be returned.

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The surgery, which was supposed to last for 30 minutes, took about an hour and a half before her child came back. Then she received the shocker of her life.

'These two girls walked in and they said they took my son to another girl's room, and they mistakenly thought that was her child and not mine and she ended up breastfeeding him for 2 minutes,' Joli said.

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Apparently, there had been a mix-up and the nurses, neglecting to check the hand tags to identify the little ones, took her son to another woman.

Joii, although very scared understood that it was a mistake anyone could make, but she fund it hard to just let it go. Her baby's health was threatened at the hospital.

They apologized and immediately ran a test on the boy to check if everything was fine. Joii made inquiries on who breastfed her child but was denied information due to privacy policies.

This further angered her, as her child was exposed to risks and she couldn't get a good explanation. Besides, some tests couldn't confirm anything until he was much older.

Joii went further to add,

'My main concern is that it could have been something other than breast milk, and that could happen to anyone's child'

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Now, Joii is back home with her husband and son. Their young boy is healthy at the moment, but his family is unsure about the future.

She is unrelenting and working with her attorney to get to the root of this case. Mistakes are inevitable, but not one that could endanger the life of a child. We hope Joii’s son remains in good health.