Wonder Twins Give Birth On The Same Day, In The Same Hospital, And To The Same Gender

September 14, 2018

American twins Jalynne Crawford and Janelle Leopoldo have shown the world that being identical twins can sometimes extend beyond looking like each other. Since their childhood, they have done pretty much everything together and, now, one may safely say that their living in sync has been manifested as something even more beautiful.

Jalynne and Janelle updated the list of things they've done together with something extraordinary: They both gave birth to boys, on the exact same day and at the same hospital.

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Wonders, as they say, truly never cease. Jalynne Crawford birthed her fourth child on that magical day and Janelle birthed her second, and the twins could not have been happier. They gave birth via C-section by the same doctor, a mere 2 hours apart. 

Things had not been particularly rosy for the twins that year, as they lost their eldest sister to an asthma attack. They also suffered 3 miscarriages between them (Two for Jalynne and one for Janelle). Going through all that was hard for them, but it’s nothing compared to the joy they feel now.

On Good Morning America, Janelle recalled how she and her sister used to fantasize about getting married and having kids together. Little did they know that one day part of their wish would come true.

Jannelle discovered her pregnancy just four days after Jalynne did and, according to Jalynne on GMA, her sister offered to go first, on the day scheduled for their C-sections.

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Both Jalynne's and Janelle's families are extremely close, and Jalynne has since taken to her social media accounts to share the good news with her followers and friends. She described the shared pregnancy phase with her sister saying:

“From the moment we found out we were pregnant, up until the delivery room, felt like a dream that was surreal”

We share the same sentiments with Jalynne. It truly is surreal, and we dare to say that this is truly a miracle worth celebrating. 

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