Moving: Sight Of Homeless Mother And Child Playing Motivates Man To Take Photo Which Goes Viral

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April 17, 2019 18:37 By Mambee

They say that happiness is a choice and it might be, as one Filipino man has discovered.

While stuck in traffic on Airport Road under the NAIA Expressway in Paranaque, Manila, Ameniel Del Mundo was troubled by stress from work.

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Moving: Sight Of Homeless Mother And Child Playing Motivates Man To Take Photo Which Goes ViralAnupan Praneetpholkrang/

However, he soon caught sight of a scene that would give him cause for a rethink.

Under a flyover, a mother was lying on a mattress and playing with her little son, not minding the conditions of their 'home' or that strangers could see them.

Inspired, he took a photo of the duo and posted it on Facebook saying that the photo is proof that happiness is a choice.

Soon, online news platform Inquirer picked up the story and he explained:

"The two were playing happily at the island while I was grumbling about my situation inside the car.”

Obviously, the episode taught him about gratitude and contentment, and he is not alone in this sentiment as many Facebook users toed the same line.

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The post, which has been shared about 26,000 times, drew diverse comments from netizens.

Many found the photo inspiring:

While a few noted that:

Meanwhile, Del Mundo made an update to his post. He stated that he had gone back to the spot twice to find the pair but his efforts proved abortive.

However, he promised to make known any valuable piece of information once it comes up, supposing various individuals wish to help.

It is quite a story but we would like to know on what side of the divide you stand. Is this truly cause to be grateful or does this post romanticize poverty?

The bond between a child and a mother is strong. Here is a powerful story to prove that.


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