Unfair Treatment: Unmarried Women In Saudi Are Forced To Neglect Their Babies Because Of The Appalling Penalties Attached To It

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April 17, 2019 16:47 By Mambee

Child abandonment is a grave offense. Unfortunately, it is still a rampant phenomenon in the world.

Most child abandonment cases are a result of the kids being orphaned, and according to the statistics of SOS, about 153 million children in the world are orphans.

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Other causes of child abandonment are human's questionable choices, as well as some inconsiderate decisions.

Sometimes, these decisions are taken because of unfavorable conditions, such as the laws guiding a particular country, and Saudi Arabia women are victims of such laws.

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Saudi Arabia's dilemma

The principles that are applied in Saudi Arabia are antagonistic towards the female gender. As a result, it also affects young mothers who have unwanted pregnancies.

It is so unfortunate that several young girls have died because of these appalling laws. In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for a girl to get pregnant outside wedlock, and the offense is punishable by death.

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The worst case scenario is that the girls get killed by their relatives under the pretense that they committed suicide.

Other times, they restrict the girl to an indoor life where she technically does not exist anymore because she has ‘shamed’ the family by getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Even when they are raped, the girl still gets criticized for the offense committed against her.

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This fear has been instilled in the young girls for so long that they now resort to dumping their babies to avoid being reprimanded.

Most of them are forced to abandon their babies in mosques, orphanage homes, or hospitals.

Where are the men in all these? Why are the women alone suffering castigation? It takes two to make a child, doesn’t it?

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Well, their reasons for exempting the man is because they are the ‘guardians.’ Men get to do as they wish as long as they don't brag about it in public. How appalling!

How to assist orphans

It is not easy to have your rock snatched away from you at such an early stage, which is why we need to provide as much support as we can. Here is how to go about it;

1. Be a catalyst to movements that support orphans through their exposure on social media platforms or donations;

2. Partner with stores to make provisions for shelters;

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3. Plan recreational activities or outdoor events for the orphans;

4. Involve yourself in projects that improve the overall quality of your local orphanage homes;

5. Appoint dentists and pediatricians to help with children's basic medical care;

6. You can also conduct enlightenment programs where past victims can share their experiences;

7. Indulge in online activities for the betterment of orphanages.

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We hope that things get better for women in Saudi Arabia because they are living in abominable conditions.

No woman deserves to be punished for atrocities committed against her. There are more efficient ways of putting an end to teenage pregnancy.

Parenting your kids the right way molds the future for them. Here is a powerful story to prove that.


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