Woman Breastfeeding Baby In A Pool Goes Viral, Social Media Buzz Follows

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April 16, 2019 12:07 By Mambee

Breastfeeding a baby is a completely natural process. We all know that babies are primarily dependent on their mothers for food through breastfeeding.

Therefore, why should women hide away in obscure places when breastfeeding? Why should there be so much stigma surrounding this natural process?

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An understanding of the answers to these questions is most likely why the United States legalized public breastfeeding in 2018.

In spite of this, many have continually expressed their distaste for women who breastfeed in public.

However, one mother has done something brazen to show the world that there really is no big deal when it comes to breastfeeding children publicly.

In a series of photos that have gone viral, Katya Nova, a professional photographer and proud mother, was seen sporting a bathing suit while breastfeeding her infant in a pool.

In one of the posts, she explained that the photo was taken with an iPhone when her child was exhausted right after a swim class.

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She added that she looked forward to the moment when she could stop breastfeeding, but that she was also cherishing every moment of the process.

Praising the mother, Diply writes:

“Whether it's mundane tasks like cooking dinner or enjoying the beach as a family, breastfeeding is a natural act that shouldn't be stigmatized.”

Meanwhile, social media users went agog in response to the photos. Many found it inspiring as they called the images beautiful and lovely.

“A breastfeeding child is one of the most beautiful images you’ll ever see. Love this picture of you and your gorgeous bub. Thank you for sharing.”

On the other hand, a few criticized the photos saying that, because she was topless, it was distasteful.

We believe that this mother is brave and whether naysayers like it or not, the photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Although pregnancy can be trying, it is indeed a beautiful moment. Here is a powerful story to prove that.


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