An Adorable Baby Was Captured Sleeping In The Same ‘Arms Up’ Position As Was Seen In His Ultrasound

October 23, 2018 13:57

We are all familiar with the routines that new mothers go through and how much they like to share their joy and astonishment at every little thing their baby does - a fact that doesn't even exempt famous celebrities, like Serena Williams.

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At first, it seems interesting to the public, but then they start getting bored because some of these moments are definitely more meaningful to the baby's parents and loved ones.. 

However, something happened recently that would make people go ‘Aaawww’ for a really long time.

A few months ago, a mother from South Carolina, Sarah Kelleher Steppling, took to Reddit to share a side by side picture of her son's ultrasound and another, more recent snap, where he was sleeping

In both pictures, baby Michael was asleep and assumed the same exact position.

Can you believe it? Michael was sleeping in the position even before he was born!

Sarah wrote:

“Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth. Progress from 3 weeks left inside to 3 weeks on the outside,”

She explained how she came to realize the similarity.


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She took the first ultrasound at 18 weeks, but when she saw the second one, which was taken at nearly 39 weeks, that showed a sweet baby-faced image, she thought he was adorable.

Sarah and her husband were super thrilled to get such great images. According to her, she didn't immediately make the connection to the ultrasound when she first noticed he slept with his arms up but, then, she saw the ultrasound hanging on her mother-in-law's fridge when Michael was already several weeks old.

In that instant, she something clicked and she made a side-by-side comparison. She was amazed by how similar the images were in every little detail, and that's when she decided to post it because she thought it was interesting content and someone else might enjoy seeing it.

Little Michael is months old now and he still does assume his laid-back posture. He certainly is the king of taking it easy. His chilled way of relaxing doesn’t stop at his naps, it also happens when he is feeding. It has been noticed that when he is suckling, he puts one arm up behind his head. How adorable!

So far, his mother says he is a perfect baby who has really been agreeable. All he needs is food, sleep, and a good cuddle, and he is good to go. Michael must be a really laid back man in the making!