Boy With The Special Needs Was Giggling Too Much In The Cinema, So He And His Mom Were Kicked Out

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April 17, 2019 18:42 By Mambee

In a heartfelt statement, a 43-year-old mother to a special needs child, from Lake In The Hills, narrated to WGNTV what she saw as an unfair treatment to her child.

She said:

“…I want people to be aware that we have to be more kind to each other and put ourselves in each other’s situations once in a while…”, 

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In a Facebook post, she related how she took her sons, including her 3.5-year-old child with a rare form of dwarfism that confines him to a wheelchair, to see ‘Dumbo The Movie’, at AMC theatre.

She said that at two points in the movie, the boy giggled loudly for about 20 seconds.

Soon after, a female staff member came to ask the mother to leave, saying that there had been complaints of her baby crying.

The mortified mother tried to explain that her son had only giggled twice but the staff member remained adamant.

She explained that she had sat at the back of the theatre to avoid being in anyone’s way and it had taken her two trips to get his wheelchair, oxygen, and feeding up there.

Outside the theatre, she became overwhelmed with emotions and she broke down in tears.

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The staff then tried to make amends by requesting that she come by at another time for a private viewing or to watch another movie.

However, the distraught mother explained that being a full-time worker meant that getting spare time on her schedule was near-impossible.

She then took to Facebook to vent. When WGNTV picked up the story, she explained to the news station that she didn’t believe that the theatre staff had been deliberately discriminatory but the treatment had hurt.

Also, she faulted the staff for not carrying out ‘due diligence’ before taking action.

On Facebook, a number of users tried to comfort her while a few called her out for not taking advantage of AMC’s sensory friendly screenings.

On the other hand, we believe that this matter could have been handled more delicately so as not to hurt the mother’s feelings.

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