Eldest Of Seven Underage Kids, Who Were Left Unattended In A Hot Car Dialed 911 To Save Himself And Other Kids

May 16, 2019

The laws guiding children in cars vary according to the different states in America.

About 19 states in the US have declared laws that tackle leaving children neglected in a car, while 26 states paid particular attention to ruling against leaving kids on hot cars.

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Ultimately, these state rules have no federal jurisdiction, but it is generally known that you shouldn't leave children under six years of age without a supervisor, who is 12 years old or older, in a car.

Hot cars with the windows shut can lead to suffocation, which is why this little boy had to dial the emergency line when he couldn't cope anymore.

Unfortunately, his mom will have to face charges for her misconduct.

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Little boys in distress

The Charles County Sheriff's Office recently received a distress call from a boy who complained about being left alone in a hot car with six other kids.

The boy didn't know where he was, but the responder was able to track the vehicle via GPS and other devices.

They tracked the car all the way down to St. Charles Towne Center and, on getting there, they realized that the kids were only between 4 and 2 years old.

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The firefighters removed the frightened and sweaty children from the scene and gave them necessary medical attention.

About 10 minutes later, the mother of two out of the seven kids walked out of the mall, where she had reportedly been shopping for twenty minutes.

So far, the Charles County authorities have charged the 37-year-old mother with the confinement of children inside a motor vehicle.

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There is an ongoing investigation, and the social services are now involved in the case.

After deliberating with the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office, it seems that there might be more charges against the woman.

Preventive measures against children-in-hot-car situations

As the saying goes, 'prevention is better than the cure'. Therefore, it is recommended using the following 'precaution apps' to avoid children-in-hot-car situations:

1. ‘The BackSeat’ app;

2. General Motors – Rear Seat Reminder;

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3. Waze — child reminder;

4. Kars 4 Kids Safety App;

5. Cybex — SensorSafe Technology.

Nevertheless, it is always better to enlighten yourself regarding subjects like this, and ultimately never leave kids in the car.

We hope that this unfortunate incident serves as a lesson to parents out there. Be cautious!

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