Right Or Wrong? Mother Tries To Justify Spending Her Child's Support On Doing Her Nails Through An Anonymous Post

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April 17, 2019 12:05 By Mambee

Parenting is a concept that differs according to opinions. It is like the saying, ‘different strokes for different folks.’

Most parents use an approach that suits them. However, what works best for their children should be the priority.

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As a result of the variety of parenting styles, controversy ensues when two parents don't see eye to eye on a subject.

There are even online forums where parents can discuss, and a particular topic has caused a lot of controversy on such platforms.

A single mother believes she doesn't need the father's consent to spend her child's support on whatever she likes, and many internet users don’t think it’s right.  

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An anonymous person published the write up on KidSpot.

In the article, the unknown mother explains how her friend, Dave, and her sister-in-law are against her decision to spend child support for her pleasure.

She defended herself by stating that, as the custodial parent, she forgoes many luxurious things to provide for her kids, and the child support payments aren't regular anyway.

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Therefore, when the child support comes, and all other bills are settled, she can spend it as she sees fit.

The most recent splurge she indulged in was going to the salon for a manicure with the child support her ex gave her before he drove off with their kids.

One of the forums that disagree with her parenting style is CafeMom. Writer Meredith Bland concluded that there is absolutely no reason for a single mom to spend her child's support solely for her pleasure.


Even if mothers involve themselves in this despicable act, there shouldn't be any justification for it. It is outright wrong and shouldn't be exalted for any reason.

Mothers are special because of the uninhibited sacrifices they make for their children.

The anonymous mother made her sacrifices for her kids invalid by using them as a justification to cheat the children of their child support.

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Although it is not easy to be sacrificial without foreseen benefits, it is one of the prices attached to being a parent. Your reward is in raising fantastic children that will make you proud.

Having children is the biggest gift in life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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