Scavenger To The Rescue: Premature Baby Gets A Happy Ending After Being Saved And Reunited With Parents

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March 13, 2019 11:07 By Mambee

Every day, children are abandoned as a result of many reasons ranging from loss of their parents to economic factors.

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According to ISK, UNICEF defines an abandoned child as one who does not know where his or her next meal is coming from, and does not know where he or she is spending the night. He or she does not live with either the mother or the father.

Baby’s ordeal

A little baby born in South-West China had to go through a little period of abandonment because of the parents' fear that the baby would grow up unhealthy.

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Born premature at 30 weeks and weighing about 1.5kg, this tiny baby was left in a waste bin by the father, outside Fuling Centre hospital in Chongping, where the baby was born.

Fortunately for the lucky baby, a scavenger looking for valuables found the poor child. He could not stand to leave the child in the bin so he graciously took him to the hospital.

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At the hospital, the baby was checked and found to be healthy. The mother, who was still in the hospital, was traced.

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The baby was reunited with the parents who expressed their deepest regrets for throwing the baby away, but who did not receive a stern warning from the police.

Caring for abandoned children

Are you leaving with a child you picked or adopted, or are you going through a difficult time not knowing how to answer a kid who keeps asking about their father?

It’s ok, you can answer the probing child. Do not put him or her off, and don’t be scared that you won’t be able to say the right words.


Try as much as possible to be gentle, and be sure to say positive things about those who abandoned the child.

As long as the child is asking, keep talking until the child accepts and learns to live with it.

To ensure that other children get a happy ending like this little baby, you can be a good Samaritan like that Chinese scavenger and take abandoned children to the right authorities if you find one.

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