Family Is Outraged When 6-Year Old Daughter Is Sent Home In Underwear After Wetting Herself At School

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May 16, 2019 13:59 By Mambee

Other than parents, teachers are the primary caregivers of children. Therefore, when you take your kids to school, you are also saying, "Teacher, I trust you to care for my child."

This is why the lines of communication must be open between parents and teachers. Also, teachers are meant to know what is going on in their students' lives outside school.

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This is what makes this particular story even more painful. As of 2012, the United States state and local child protective services estimated that 686,000 students were victims of maltreatment in their schools.

They made her get on the bus without full clothing

Raymond McCurdy has been vocal about what he believes was ill-treatment of his daughter. He claimed that she was made to ride the school bus in nothing but a shirt and underwear after she wet herself.

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The father said his 6-year-old had already been through enough and so the school's blatant disrespect of her person was unacceptable.

He added that his girl had a medical condition that meant that whenever she needed to use the bathroom, she had to so immediately.

He noted that the school, Belle Terre Elementary School, already knew of her condition and even if she soiled herself in school, the girl always came back home properly dressed in the extra clothing the school usually provided.

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What has drawn widespread outrage is the fact that the girl said she had indicated that she needed the bathroom, but her teacher had ignored her.

McCurdy further explained that he was really concerned about his daughter's safety.

"What would have happened if my kid would have gotten touched by somebody?"

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The school responded that they had assumed the shirt was long enough to be worn alone. Yet, the outraged father said the explanation was unsatisfactory, and he would explore legal measures against the school.

Protecting your child

With stories like this, it is clear that parents need to be more proactive about their kids' safety and well-being.

Therefore, parents must speak openly to their children about safety and explain what a violation of their person is.

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Show them how to defend themselves if need be and tell them always to be aware of their surroundings.

Also, give them a list of family members who could be contacted in case of an emergency

Being a parent has never been as hard as it is nowadays. There is a need to be vigilant when it comes to our kids' safety!

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