"If It Doesn't Stop, It Is Going To Get Even Worse:” School Overseers Are Frustrated As Many Children Aren’t Properly Potty-Trained And Resort To Hiring Nappy Changers

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April 12, 2019 12:02 By Mambee

Parents are the first teachers any children can have. They are a reservoir of knowledge that children draw from to learn life's basic skills.

To mold wonderful and happy grown-ups out of these children, their foundation needs to be laid out well.

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However, the majority of infants in schools located in Walsall are facing difficulties because the toddlers lack some basic skills.

These kids have been reported to have challenges related to communication and potty training.

In fact, a Walsall infant school hired a nappy changer to assist with the kids because they are not potty trained.

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In an interview with BBC, Walsall Council's portfolio holder for education, Chris Towe, said:

"We are talking about five-year-olds here, and it is not acceptable.”

After discussing the issue with the heads of 80 infant and primary schools, Towe discovered that these schools had major problems due to the lack of these basic requirements.

Things were so bad that some students didn't know how to hold their pencils appropriately or how to dress up either.

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As a result, these issues have caused a delay in the students' education because teachers waste time teaching what they should know already.

It is apparent that these wards' parents have been ignoring the responsibility of getting their children ready for school.

Therefore, the council decided to disseminate letters to parents so that they can make adjustments where necessary.

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However, a Labour councilor, Diane Coughlan, also mentioned during the interview that there is probably more to the story than parents ignoring their children.

She is of the opinion that the borough is comprised of vulnerable families that have various issues. Coughlan said:

"For many parents, school readiness is simply not a priority for them, so apart from simply sending a letter what other support will they be given?”

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Hopefully, a solution will be effected before matters get any worse. In the long run, these problems will affect the children more, and no one wants that.

Therefore, the schools and the parents are advised to work hand in hand to improve the kids' education.

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