Army Veteran Dad Goes All The Way To Fulfill His Dying Son’s Wishes So He Can Let Go Fulfilled

October 4, 2018 18:15

It is a very painful experience to lose someone you care about, especially when you have had so little time with them. This leaves a hole in the heart that most times never gets filled. And this was the case for veteran army medic, Bill Kohlen, and his family, who were about to lose the person who meant the world to them.

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His son Ayden was diagnosed with pediatric cancer. He had 2 tumors in his head and was told he had about 12 months to live. Nothing could be more devastating!

It seemed things were finally working out for Bill. He had a job and was settled down, but then the news came: His little boy was about to leave him.

"Why am I always sick?" Aayden asked.

Unable to do anything for the boy, his parents resolved to remain strong for him. Although this broke their hearts, his father Bill wasn't about to give up so easily so he started a Gofundme page.  The support from well-wishers was mind-blowing.

He used the money generated to pursue other treatment methods, going as far as traditional treatment, but that didn't help either. The worst was inevitable.

For a while the symptoms seemed to have been reduced. Ayden had a temporary relief but he soon relapsed. And so, his family realised, maybe they couldn't stop what was about to happen, but they could definitely make their son's last moments count.

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The boy helped them compile a list of the things he wanted, and everyone gave it their all to see his dreams come true. The turn out was amazing, not only from his family but from people all over. Ayden got to meet his best superstars, shoot his first gun, and even meet his favorite food network chef, Chef Guy Fieri.

His family made sure no stone was left unturned. His 'wish book' was their major priority, it was all that mattered. Sadly, after 7 months and a few days of fighting, Ayden said;

"Dad, I gotta quit"

The young boy had given it his all, but he could not go any further. This broke his parents but they knew their son had done his best to fight the cancer. He made a last request, telling them to make sure people celebrated him rather than mourn. He was a fighter and he wanted everyone to know.

Ayden's dad, Bill, strengthened by his son's courage, is now dedicated to fighting against the disease that took his son away.

He currently acts as a mentor and guide to several other parents going through the same thing. If his son could be strong for him, he had to be strong for others.

He is the founder of 4Aydenstrong Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting cancer.

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