Dad Creates Stunning Dresses For His Little Daughter, Which Turn Her Into Fairy-tale Princesses

November 7, 2018 15:45

The beautiful bond between a father and his daughter is incredible. It is one of the most cherished in the world. It often shows both parties going out of the ordinary to put smiles on each other's faces.

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So was the case for super dad, Nephi Garcia, who quit his full-time job to fulfill his daughter's fairytale dreams.

Nephi Garcia is a couture designer from the Philippines. He relocated to California more than a decade ago to improve on his skills.

His background made him stand out as he was very good at what he did. However, his job prevented him from having quality time with his family. Being the family man that he is, Nephi had to quit it.

In 2014, Nephi and his daughter had a historic visit to Disneyland, an event that changed both their lives. The pair were dressed as fairytale characters to the event.

It was there that Nephi got his inspiration through his daughter and decided to start trying out new things at home.

Nephi began a private couture design by himself. He started with amazing fairytale characters for his daughter, and from there on his designs began to gain more attention.

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One of his most prominent works was a 'Cinderella' dress for his daughter. The dress was able to switch styles and characters with a turn, a fantastic design that gained a lot of attention.

It is beautiful how his love for family and passion has propelled him so much. Right from quitting his job, to the inspiration Disneyland visit and several others.

Now, Nephi works with his 6-year-old daughter and the rest of his family in making amazing costumes.

While speaking to ABS-CBN News, Nephi who had always attributed his amazing cloture skills to his background had this to say;

"I remember my grandma teaching me how to use a sewing machine. When I was 11, I made my own pajamas and stuff."

Thanks to Lili, his daughter. Nephi has grown to become one of the famous couture designers. His works are highly classified as stunning, raking in $300-600 on an outfit.

Well, when father and daughter are involved, you would expect nothing less.

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