How To Protect Child Models: Angry Mom Gets Physical With 3-Year-Old Model Daughter Because She Wasn't Posing Properly For Her Shoot

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April 12, 2019 15:23 By Mambee

Child abuse is terrible, but what makes it even worse is that sometimes parents are the ones who are actually doing hurtful things to their children.

According to ChildHelp, an average of four and seven children in the US are lost due to child abuse and neglect, and around 80% of these child maltreatment fatalities involve at least one parent as the perpetrator.

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But the United States isn't the only country that should worry about the dangers of child abuse.

An aggressive mom

A Chinese mom has come under fire after she kicked her three-year-old model daughter for not posing properly.

The mother was caught on camera brutally kicking the little girl, who was on the set of a photo shoot. It was reported that the mother felt the girl's performance was lacking and it seemed she became upset and wanted to punish the child.

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In the video, the child, who was seen wearing a yellow top and a black skirt, was working on her pose when the mom came at her from behind.

According to the video report, the girl, identified as Niu Niu, had been a fashion model for six months and had been featured by several online stores.

One shop owner claimed that the child was being overworked, as her mother had set her up for various shoots to make some money.

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Niu Niu's mother has since issued an apology for her actions, following the general outcry of people on social media.

How to protect children in the modeling and other entertainment industries

It's really sad that Niu Niu's mother was the one hurting her child when she should have been looking out for her. Whether or not a child should engage in modeling is an issue that has been argued about a lot.

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If you do choose to allow your child to participate in modeling, acting and so on, then you should be prepared to protect them from being exploited by following these tips:

  • Know who they spend time with: As a parent, you must research everyone you work with or are considering working with. Check sex offender registry, ask around, ask other parents, make sure they have good backgrounds and licenses.
  • Always be there: Do not leave your child alone on the set. Be there and be involved. They shouldn't travel without you. You should be present for all coaching sessions and classes. When you do this, predators and exploiters will see your child as high risk and will avoid them.
  • Listen to your guts: If your child seems apprehensive or uncomfortable with certain people or actions, take it seriously. The parental rule of listening to your child shouldn't be ignored just because your kid is famous.

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If your child is a model or is more exposed than normal, it's your job to be their lookout. You should sanction all their interactions and stand by as their protector always.

Parenthood sometimes requires certain sacrifices, as shown in this video.

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