Mom Was Shocked When A Police Officer Gave Her A Ticket Because She Parked To Breastfeed Her Crying Baby

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April 16, 2019 17:09 By Mambee

One mom felt she had no other choice but to park her car and attend to her hungry baby. But when she was ticketed for her actions, she felt she had to speak up.

A 30-year-old mother of four was shocked when she received a parking ticket while she was breastfeeding her 3-week-old baby.

CBS New York / YouTube

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According to ABC7NY, Guillermina Rodriguez said she was given a $115 ticket one morning while she was parked by the roadside. She explained that, while she understood parking that way was wrong, she only made the decision because it was a matter of urgency. 

Rodriquez said her daughter was crying due to hunger and she felt she had no other choice than to pull over and attend to the baby.

CBS New York / YouTube

The mom explained that she had just dropped off her husband for an appointment and she ended up getting stuck in traffic on her way back.

She was only in the backseat of her SUV for a couple of minutes, she said, when an officer came by with a tow truck.

He just literally took out the tow truck, he was gonna tow the car, without even looking in there.

Rodriquez, whose baby was still latched on, leaped to the front of the vehicle to honk and show she was inside. The cop didn't tow her but he looked in the car to see what was going on.

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The mom showed the officer the baby and explained herself, but the man simply gave her a parking ticket and walked away.

Rodriguez was disappointed in the cop for not showing a little more compassion and she said she fully intended to fight the ticket.

As Rodriguez's story continued to gain attention, people had mixed opinions about the matter. Like the mom, some felt that the cop should have shown some understanding and let her go.

But there were others who insisted that the law is the law and shouldn't be given a pass because she was nursing.

Do you think it was wrong for this mother to be fined, considering the urgency of her situation?

As adults, we have to make some tough decisions sometimes and this video shows just how complicated life can get.

Can you relate?

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