Woman Who Was Ignored By Her Boyfriend On 'Kiss Cam' Gets Her Revenge By Kissing Some Random Stranger Instead

May 17, 2019

It's a popular belief that if you're not getting what you need from your partner, it's time to move on. And one woman apparently took this advice quite literally.

Imagine how offended you would be if you asked for a kiss and your partner wouldn't give it to you. Now imagine how much more upset it would feel if this happened while thousands of people watched. So, one cannot really blame this young lady, who chose to save face by reaching out to a stranger.

When this woman's presumed date refused her request for a kiss during the NBA kiss cam, she simply made the most out of a bad situation by turning around and kissing the guy next to her.

Atlanta Hawks / YouTube

In the video, which was uploaded to the Atlanta Hawks YouTube page, several couples accepted the kiss cam invitation to share a kiss while the camera captured the moment.

Atlanta Hawks / YouTube

Eventually, we get to the lady and her partner, who seemed more interested in his drink than in giving her a kiss. She then turned to the guy on her other side and politely requested that he kissed her, which the guy did.

Atlanta Hawks / YouTube

But her partner was very upset when he saw what happened. They argued for a bit and the guy stood up and walked away. Apparently, the woman didn't believe she did anything wrong, as she clearly mouthed "you didn't want to" as her partner left.

Atlanta Hawks / YouTube

Many people seemed to find the whole thing hilarious and the video even went viral, gaining more than eight million views. There were speculations that the moment was staged but one person who was there claimed that it really happened.

Real or staged, we can all agree that it was a funny moment. And kudos to the stranger who stepped up for the lady!

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