African-American Dad Gets His Biracial Daughter's Hair Braided And Mom Gets Angry Saying Her Child Doesn't Have To 'Embrace That Side Of Her'

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April 15, 2019 13:39 By Mambee

In a perfect world, we'll all partner with people who share the same values. Sometimes, this isn't the case. A father and a mother got into a major argument involving the fact that the dad wanted his mixed-race daughter to embrace who she was while the mom was having none of it.

A dad named Nick Harris shared a picture of his daughter with her hair braided. In addition to that photo, he also posted screenshots of his conversation with the girl's mother who seemed very upset about the hairstyle. 

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After the mom saw the picture of her daughter, which Nick had sent, she immediately flew off the handle saying the girl "looks black and she's not."

The woman went on to describe the hairstyle as ugly, saying her child was more white in her own eyes than black and the girl didn't need to wear a hairstyle that would make her look black.

The mom obviously did not like that that the dad was treating their child like a "black kid." She also went as far as saying that, even if she understood that her kid was mixed-race, she didn't need to acknowledge that part of her.

I don't gotta embrace that side of her.

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All the while, the dad tried to make her see reason by explaining that their daughter had a black-race hair texture and would need different hairstyles from time to time. The argument ended with the parents unable to come to an agreement.

Nick wanted to know if what he did was wrong but based on the comments following his post, many people felt that his wife was being a racist, and the daughter would be better with a mother who accepted every side of her and not just the 'white' side.

It's pretty crazy that some people are so close-minded, even when it comes to their own children. Hopefully, the attention this post received may serve as an eye-opener to the mom and remind her that her mixed-raced child is beautiful in whatever hair she's wearing.

Daddy-daughter moments are the absolute best and this video proves it.

Don't you just love the special relationship?

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