Dad Who Couldn't Afford To Pay For His Noodles Decided To Pawn His 2-Year-Old Daughter To The Restaurant As Payment

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April 17, 2019 13:56 By Mambee

One dad drew a lot of attention when he decided to pawn his 2-year-old daughter to a restaurant after he was unable to pay for the bowl of noodles he ate.

The man from South China had reportedly finished his noodles when he realized he was short. His food cost 6 Yuan (about 90 cents) but he had only 5 Yuan (about 75 cents) with him.


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The dad then chose to leave behind his two-year-old daughter, stating that he would return the next day to pay his balance and get his child.

Surveillance footage showed the father walking out of the restaurant with the little girl in tears, trying to follow him. When the man got to the door, he pushed his daughter back inside and gestured to her to stay put as he made to leave the restaurant.


The confused and distraught child was seen standing in one spot, crying as she watched his dad leave.

In a video report, the owner of the restaurant said that they had to comfort the little girl by giving her something to drink. They also had to call the police when they couldn't find the girl's father as they worried that she might have been abandoned. 

The father later returned and was shocked when he didn't see his daughter anywhere. He got very angry and yelled at the restaurant owner after he learned that they had called the police.

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The man insisted that he was not trying to abandon his daughter and he only wanted to get some money. The report mentioned that he has since apologized for his actions.

What to do when you see a child alone in public

Even if this man claimed to have his reasons, it was wrong of him to leave his 2-year-old unattended. Something worse could have happened if people did not step in to ensure the child was okay. So what can you do if you spot a very young child alone without any adult around?


The author of 'Free-Range Kids', Lenore Skenazy, told Theglobeandmail that you shouldn't immediately assume such a child has been abandoned. It's possible the parents are close by. If the child can talk, you can approach them and ask if their parents or any other adult is around.

You can also ask if you can call their parents especially if they seem to have been left alone for a while. However, if the child is too young to speak or interact with you, or if they look beaten, abandoned, dirty, sad or distraught with no parent in sight, you should definitely call emergency services.

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While a child is normally their parent's responsibility, sometimes, they may need someone to intervene if the situation looks dire or concerning. So try not to ignore signs that a kid might need your help.

Parents should always be prepared for what it means to have a kid. Some heartwarming dad-daughter moments can be seen in this video.

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